Stock Market Training

Making money involves a fair bit of homework in today´s era. An investor or an active trader or any market participant should equip himself/herself with some advanced tools to get the maximum benefit out of the system.

  • One-on-One Personal Trading Training. One on One Training is a true personal trading tutorial which is hard to equal anywhere on the internet
  • Step by step coaching with an Easy Trading strategy
  • The focus will be on what you need, to help you become a successful trader
  • Most important, you’ll need a trading strategy to follow to become a successful trader
  • The secret of Trading is to stay informed by educating yourself

The principal objective behind this course is to bridge the gap between the participants and the opportunities available in the marketplace in different times. The strength of the course is its “Execution based learning” than theoretical knowledge only.

Objectives of This Training

The objective of this one-on-one private tutoring session is to give you the information you need in order to survive in trading, and to learn to “get paid to trade,” as I have always advocated.

In YOUR private training as a trader, I build the course around YOU and YOUR needs. My primary purpose is to provide you with a highly individualized program. Not only will you learn the important basics, as detailed in the Session’s Content section, but you will find answers that fit your individual needs.

In order to achieve that, prior to your session you will fill out a questionnaire in which your current position and specific background, goals, and objectives are addressed, so that I can build the training around you.

We are also available for follow-up as needed

Steps Before Starting Trading

  • You need to know what Trading is and how it works
  • You need to educate yourself with a good trading course
  • Most important, you’ll need a trading strategy to follow to become a successful trader

Course Content

You will learn to trade through understanding the truth in the markets, as well as my trading rationale. You will understand, and be able to apply, the two most important concepts in trading: “The Law of Charts” and “Market Dynamics.” You will be able to see and treat trading as a business, and will run your trading business as a successful business owner.

Regardless of what you trade, in any market, in any time frame, or using any kind of chart, you will learn:

  • Trading strategies and tactics
  • How to properly use a trading method
  • Trade selection and how to find the right trades
  • Low-risk trade entries, and low-risk trading strategies
  • How to manage the trade after the entry, how to take profits, and how to set and manage stops
  • How, why, and when to use time stops
  • How to Use intraday Trading Strategies
  • Ordering tactics and strategies (which orders to use and when to use them)
  • Trend versus congestion, and how to trade each of them
  • The “Trading Plan,” and how to use it in order to be an effective trader
  • The correct approach to trading in the markets
  • How to define and identify real risk, and how to trade with reduced risk
  • The need for simplicity in trading
  • Personal management and self-control in trading, and how to achieve both
  • How to be a successful manager of your trading business. How to handle the money, risk and trade management you need to apply in trading
  • How to keep and effectively use a personal trading record

You will be amazed by what I reveal about market movers, and you will discover what markets are all about in their pure simplicity. You deserve to understand these things, and thus shorten the time it takes to become a profitable trader.

Who Should Attend

  • Freshers who would like to build a rewarding career
  • Brokers and Sub brokers who wish to enhance their product portfolio in low cost
  • Portfolio managers desiring to add alpha to their portfolio with little leverage
  • Day traders and Arbitrageurs who wants to maximize their returns with little extra effort
  • Freshers who wish to create his/her own niche in the market
  • Practicing chartered accountants with a keen interest in the markets

Duration: 3 Sessions of 3 Hours Each

Course Fee: 12500 INR